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Field Notes from The Making of a Godly Warrior:

A Comprehensive Study Guide

An in-depth look chapter-by-chapter of the journey to becoming whom God called you to be, and how to get there. The Field Notes Study Guide engages the reader to take a personal assessment at the beginning of each chapter followed by a study of the corresponding chapter of the original book, "The Making of a Godly Warrior." Additionally, each chapter guides development as well as thought-provoking questions for the reader to gauge personal spiritual development. This study can be equally effective in either a group or individual study


Scott A. Harris thoroughly enjoys hiking with his wife in the captivating scenery of the Great Smoky Mountains with endless trails that lead to waterfalls and breathtaking views. He finds many correlations between hiking through the forest and the spiritual journey of following Christ. Scott and Gigi enjoy a wonderful family of five children and eleven grandchildren living mostly in New England, albeit excited to visit this land known as “God’s Country.”

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