Tell your story and document your legacy. We are here to help you publish your book.

As a leading inspirational and faith publisher, Kharis Publishing is committed to publishing the message that has been given to you, to help you “write in a book what you see…” (Revelation 1:11, NASB). There is a message in your heart for the world; a message which only you seem to have seen or capable of seeing. It’s time to share it. We will publish your book and distribute it, free of charge. Editing, colorful cover design, ISBN, Library of Congress cataloging, distribution etc.? Yes, all on us, as it should be. 


From the start, our mission has been two-fold: 

  • Provide an innovative publishing platform for professionals, businesspersons, pastors, workplace leaders to tell their story and share in a book form what God has put in their hearts, with a focus on under-represented writers, including women and first-time authors. 

  • The second part of our mission is to provide mini libraries/resource centers to select orphanages in developing countries, so that these amazing kids may learn to read, write, and dream of a better future. When you publish or buy a book through Kharis Publishing, you are a huge part of giving the gift of literacy to these orphans.


Share the word God has put in my heart, and be a faithful witness

Build credibility as a subject matter expert and become an influencer

Transform lives with godly and inspirational messages.

Document and preserve my legacy for the next generation

“If you are tired of submitting to the big publishers (and their agents) – Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, Macmillan, Penguin Books, WW Norton – and getting turned down each time, then, Kharis Publishing can help – the Word in you doesn’t have to be held back.”

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Our Recent Authors

Aimee Cabo Nikolov - God is the cure, love is the answer
Aimee Cabo Nikolov

Author: God is the Cure, Love is the Answer

Andrew Chatora - Harare Voices and Beyond, Where the Heart is, Diaspora Dreams
Andrew Chatora

Author: Harare Voices and Beyond, Where the Heart Is &  Diaspora Dreams

Toyin Umesiri - Mindset of an Entrepreneur
Toyin Umesiri
Author: Mindset of an Entrepreneur
Jason Coache - A recipe for biblical success
Jason Coache

Author: Biblical Recipe for Success

Dr. Pascal Losambe and Crystal Losambe - Breaking the barriers to belonging
Dr. Pascal and Crystal Losambe

Author: Breaking the Barriers to Belonging

Craig Ireland - By Grace alone
Craig Ireland

Author: By Grace Alone

Leslie Speas - Hot Mess to God's Best
Leslie Speas
Author: From Hot mess to God's Best
Nichole Fogleman - In the Garden
Nichole Fogleman

Author: In the Garden

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We got our start from the campus of John Brown University in 2015 with a lot of help from that campus community. Since then, we have grown as a leading faith and inspirational publisher. We have also moved our headquarters from Arkansas to the greater Chicago area, IL. Learn more about our humble beginning:


Aimee Cabo Nikolov, author of “God is the Cure, Love is the Answer

Aime Cabo, a Cuban-American from Miami, hosts “The Cure,” a syndicated radio show (Truth Network and Sirius XM 131). Through her show, Aimee is an inspirational speaker sharing the message, “There is always hope, no matter what you have gone through.” She is happily married with children, a nurse, and president of IMIC, Inc., a medical research company. God is the Cure, Love is the Answer is her second book


What we are about...

Mindset of an Entrepreneur - Toyin Umesiri


We are an independent book publisher innovating the publishing industry. While we do not see the need to claim the "traditional publisher" label, we provide authors with the benefits of a traditionally published book: rigorous acquisition process, royalty-based, and dedicated professionals working to prepare, publish, and distribute your book (editing, graphics, marketing, distribution etc.) at NO upfront cost to you. We are proud to operate as an innovative book publisher which combines the benefits of traditional publishing with the efficiency of modern digital printing and marketing solutions. This industry is more than ripe for a positive disruption!


Our experienced professionals will take care of your book:

  •       Full-color cover
  •       Professional editing
  •       Interior formatting
  •       Paperback, Hardcover, E-book, Audiobook
  •       ISBN
  •       Library of Congress number
  •       Printing
  •       Distribution
  •       Social Media Marketing

Harare Voices and Beyond Ebook - Andrew Chatora

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Our partnership with Ingram and Amazon means that your book will be widely available for sale in several retail outlets online, including all or some of the following:

  •      Amazon
  •       Barnes & Noble
  •       Books-a-Million
  •       Walmart
  •       Target
  •       Google Books etc.


We make your book available in all formats

  1.       Paperback
  2.       Hardcover
  3.       Audiobook (Audible)
  4.       Ebook
  5.       Click here to check out Kharis authors on Audible!

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Publishing with Kharis, or purchasing a book from us, means that you are part of our social mission to equip orphans with literacy tools (computers and books), so that these amazing kids may learn to read, dream, grow into a life bigger than their current circumstance. To support or learn more, click here…


We are small enough to get to know as a person and big enough to get your message across. We cherish our 'independence' and freedom to serve authors irrespective of how big or small your platform may be. The message God gave YOU is important - we listen and help others to hear you as well.



Andrew Chatora: author of “Harare Voices and Beyond”

Andrew Chatora is a Zimbabwean novelist, essayist and short-story writer based in Bicester, England. He grew up in Mutare, Zimbabwe, and moved to England in 2002. His debut novella, Diaspora Dreams (2021), was approvingly received and nominated for the National Arts Merit Awards (2022). His second book, Where the Heart Is, was published in the same year to considerable acclaim. Chatora’s forthcoming book, Born Here, But Not in My Name, is a brave, humorous and psychologically penetrating portrait of post-Brexit Britain. Chatora is noted for his acerbic and honest depiction of the migrant experience. Heavily influenced by his own experience as a black English teacher in the United Kingdom, Chatora probes multi-cultural relationships, identity politics, blackness, migration, citizenship and nationhood.


We have developed an innovative system that leverages the traditional publishing model and digital printing technology in a way that is guaranteed to continue to benefit our authors and readers for years to come.

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If your book is not entirely Christian in nature but simply a leadership, self-help, or business manuscript, then, you may want to consider Imprintos, the business imprint of Kharis Publishing group. Imprintos is a leading publishing and distribution house dedicated entirely to helping leaders, executives, and influencers publish their book, amplify their voice in print, and document their legacy for the next generation. As with all Kharis Publishing imprints, Imprintos will donate a portion of its proceeds to build resource centers or mini-libraries for orphanages in developing countries, so that those kids may learn to read, dream, and grow.

Imprintos is an independent book publisher, which means that there is no out-of-pocket cost to the author to publish, distribute, and promote their book. But this requires authors to purchase some copies of their books for personal promotional use during the initial press run – a great option for leaders, coaches, influencers, and motivational speakers.

For limited time, Imprintos is currently accepting unsolicited un-agented submissions with a focus on nonfiction (leadership, business, self-help, memoirs, health and wellness). Submit query to be considered for Imprintos.

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Author Partnership

Kharis Publishing may not be the right fit for every author. As an independent publisher, we take major risks in acquiring, publishing, and distributing your book at no upfront cost to you. However, Kharis is BEST only for: 

  1. Authors with faith-based or inspirational messages that are wholesome and non-contradictory to a Christian worldview. 
  2. Authors, such as pastors or speakers, who have some form of following and need a partner to publish and distribute their message in a book form to their followers.
  3. Authors who are willing to participate in joint promotional efforts, including readiness to do media interviews.
  4. Authors who are willing and able to purchase discounted author copies (50% discount off the retail price) for use in promotional activities, giveaways, book signing, personal website sales, etc. Note, however, that while the average number of copies purchased by our authors (at 50% discount) varies from one author to another, it is not a pre-condition to acquiring your manuscript. Every submission is evaluated based on its merit during our rigorous acquisition process.

Kharis Publishing is NOT for you if: 1. you are not willing or able to put in effort to make your book successful or believe that once a publisher acquires your book, your job is completely done; 2. If you have reservation against print-on-demand (POD) technology. We proudly combine the benefits of traditional publishing with print-on-demand technology to meet distribution demands worldwide and save warehousing cost at the same time. Even the biggest publishers in the world now use POD to keep books perpetually in print!


Submission Guidelines

 For a limited time, we are accepting unsolicited submissions. Our current focus is on faith and inspiration/motivational nonfiction. Women, minority writers, first-time authors, pastors, and business leaders are encouraged to submit a query. Children Books? Only if you have illustrations ready.

Fiction? Yes, only if it is family-friendly, and has a unique selling point.

To submit a query, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. Read about author partnership above and then send a query. If we are interested in your work, we will request a full proposal.
  2. DO NOT send your full manuscript until one of our acquisition editors specifically asks for it.
  3. Your manuscript must have received initial professional editing and be polished before it gets to us.
  4. If you are ready, click here to submit your query online.

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